We would like to invite you to join our Conference “Energy 2023”. It takes place online on 28-30 November 2022. We live in a time of unprecedented global challenges. The scale and speed of change and the long term implications for people and planet are huge. In the June 2022 Conference “Imagine the Future“ we looked at the long term trends and left the conference with a strong sense of urgency that we must act now to secure a sustainable future. This conference “Energy 2023” translates this sense of urgency into tangible actions in 2023. The event is open for free for everyone who cares about the future of our planet and is keen to play an active role in energy and sustainability.

Theme Video "I am Energy in 2023"


The upcoming conference will generate value for all participants:

  • It enables us to think together, sharing knowledge and ideas worth replicating in support of energy in 2023. We will focus on 10 themes.
  • It enables us to feel where there is traction, where there are unmet needs, what citizens and businesses are looking for.
  • And most importantly: it enables us to act in 2023 to achieve better outcomes for the planet.

This is not the decade of action. This has to be the decade of delivery against climate targets. Each year we need to move as fast forward as we can.
Because: The future starts now.


In June 2022 we held a first online conference, which was a big success. We convened 100 outstanding speakers and 560 participants joined live. We know we can increase our impact further and we believe we have to increase our impact further.
Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.
Do you feel it too? Be a part of this. Save the date and bring others on board.
Your help is appreciated.